The Front is a new media cult and creative cultural force built on feminism. Founded by a troublemaker and run by an all-female executive team, we incubate, develop and produce stories through an alternative female lens (including female-identifying and trans, if it isn’t obvious from our work). Each story we tell becomes an opportunity to engage our community—artists, activists, musicians, scientists,  designers, marketers to create a universe that lives offline as well as on. We share what inspires and motivates us. We voice the questions we have and the tensions we see. Above all, we embrace darkness because that’s where we find the beauty and resilience of humanity.

The Front was born out of fire, frustration and passion.

Frustration that we didn’t see ourselves reflected in current media, frustration that the feminine perspective still isn’t universal but yet is being commodified, frustration with male domination in media ownership, and the frustration of hearing ourselves complain about all of it.

The Front is fueled by the passion for powerful stories about the complexity of the human condition; passion for the creative force that runs through our lives; passion for media with purpose, intention and humor; and a passion to create a future in which we’d like to live. 

Why we’re called The Front: We were inspired by Kathleen Hanna, singer of the seminal 90s punk band Bikini Kill, founder of the feminist Riot Grrrl movement and subject of the documentary “The Punk Singer.” At Bikini Kill shows, she called for all the girls to come to the front, by the stage, and not stand all the way in the back or against the walls where they couldn’t see or hear because they were afraid of the violent moshing. That notion of making room—creating and supporting equal space at the front for everyone—is what drives us. It’s feminism at its best; it’s storytelling at its strongest.

Thalia Mavros
and the whole team

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